I do not believe in God

Because I’ve never seen him.

But if God is the hive

and the honeybee,

pollen and nectar and sun and moon

then I believe in her

and I believe in her at every moment,

and my life is a prayer

and a celebration

and a communion with the eyes

and through the ears,

I honor her by living spontaneously,

as a person who opens his eyes and truly sees,

and I call her the hive

and the honeybee

and pollen and nectar

and sun and moon

and I love her,

I think of her by seeing

and hearing, and tasting

and I am with her.

                                                      –Fernando Pessoa


More and more, coming to understand the meaning of this. What it is to believe in something you cannot define, possess or hold tangibly. To trust the gray. To admit your limitation, declare love for what you do not know, and honor it in your most natural expressions of being.

Love is life fully lived. Lived spontaneously, as a celebration, through the experience of the senses. We are one with God in living, not in shrinking back. It is more dangerous to live. The stakes are higher. There is something to lose, perhaps, when eyes are open and you truly see.  So much to take in, so much to behold, and it is all so utterly unexplainable.

But somewhere, in that vast newness of life, lived everyday like a prayer, I am with him.