Not that kinda big. But the grown up, bossy kind. Girls who make big decisions, big moves and do it in a big way. When I wanna get pumped up I listen to Madonna’s Holiday, and dance around my bedroom like it’s my birthday party. Sometimes you need to psych yourself out just to manage the resistance to the new, the more coming your way. What’s inevitable when you’re making big girl decisions is that you will experience serious waves of doubt. I try to focus on images of women who empower me. They did it so why can’t I? Sounds a bit naive…and perhaps even childishly entitled when you say that out loud. But there’s a simple truth to it. It’s daring to believe you can do anything. And it is almost childish feeling to just go for it despite the odds. There’s something wonderfully ridiculous about going with a wild idea, delightfully irresponsible about taking a leap, landing just beyond your comfort zone.

So in addition to my Madonna Immaculate Collection private dance party, I’ve been singing this Sinatra song this morning…Fairytales can come true they can happen to you when you’re young at heart…Makes me smile. And I’ve also been listening to Nas…Big Girl Now. Yeeeaaah. That one just makes me feel like a Boss 😉

“My Ghetto Queen of Sheba”