“All of creation, it seems, has been obedient to its destiny…Wouldn’t it be our last and greatest humiliation, if one day we realized that all other creatures have obeyed their destiny with a kind of humility and with trustful surrender? All, except us.”-Richard Rohr

Maya Angelou lounges

I love this photo. I’ve never seen a photograph of Maya Angelou at such a young age. It makes me wonder so much about her. Things that are likely known about her early years, but that I admit I do not know. I think of her only as an author, a wise sage. This picture shows her as so much more – a classic beauty, a dreamer, a fashionista, an adventurer….It makes me ask questions…Where is she going with that suitcase? Did she know then, who she was becoming? Did those around her see her future presence and magnanimity? Did she ever doubt herself?

Rohr’s quote is such a simple profound instruction. Creation does it so easily, obeys their destiny. So it seems, did she…